Siding Repairs

Cracked or damaged siding can be visually unappealing and can potentially facilitate more serious problems such as mold growth reaching the interior of a home. Premier House Painters can efficiently restore your siding back to it’s original glory thus removing any eyesores from an otherwise beautiful exterior and preventing any future mold or rot problems. If your siding is really dirty and troublesome, consider hiring us for power washing to bring back life into your exterior.

Deck Repairs

Decks can suffer from any number of common issues from standard wear and tear. Boards can begin to give too much and can become loose or cracked possibly resulting in injury. Handrails become loose and wobbly and support posts wear down. All of these issues can be corrected properly, if you hire Premier House Painters. We will examine your deck and make sure that all necessary repairs are made so you can go back to enjoying a sturdy, safe deck that holds up through the seasons. Though these repairs are individually small, together they can be quite time consuming and when done properly with routine deck maintenance, they can increase the life of your deck for years more than if uncorrected.

Trim Repairs

Over the years the trim inside and outside of your home can become dinged up, cracked, separate from the wall, or just flat out broken. Premier House Painters can replace or repair the trim in your home to add the accent you need to go with that perfect paint job. Don’t need to repair or replace your trim? Why not have us paint your trim to add a little flavor to your interior space? After all, when we paint an exterior the trim is painted…your interior deserves the same attention to detail! If you are considering an interior painting or an exterior painting, trim repairs are something to definitely look into.