Cabinet Refinishing

Give your cabinets a fresh new look without the cost of an entire remodel!


We offer your cabinets a fresh look with the durability of a “factory finish.” When you are otherwise happy with the quality and layout your cabinets and don’t want the cost of replacing them. It also alleviates the expense of having to buy new countertops.


We can come in and refinish cabinets at any stage of the updating process. Take your time and spread out the costs by doing it in stages. Also, we do not have to do it in any certain order, for example… before or after floors, countertops, appliances etc. And most jobs take only 1-2 weeks as opposed to weeks or months of remodeling everything at once.

What? Other services include:

  • New hardware
  • New soft-close hinges
  • New cabinet installation, if new cabinets are preferred
  • New doors and drawer-fronts for a new style without new cabinet boxes

How? About our process:

We utilize specialized equipment, tools and products in order to achieve an ultra-smooth and durable professional finish.

We use a high-build catalyzed lacquer, which is a solvent based product. This means it chemically bonds into the prior coats that have been applied. We usually need a minimum of 3-4 coats for an appropriate build-up of product for proper coverage and adhesion, which are the advantages we have found with this process and product. Also, it has a quicker cure time…10 days as opposed to 30 or more days for a latex or oil-based paint. The “catalyst” part provides a much harder and durable finish in the long run. This is what is used on “factory-finished” furniture and cabinets.

The disadvantages are minimal. There is quite a bit of preparation and set-up required. However, we strive for the best results in all our work and have abandoned other processes and products because we have tried them and feel they are inferior.

Lastly, any odor created by the Lacquer is abated with a specialized ventilation system so that you can still live in your home while the job is being done.