Drywall Texture

Drywall Installation

From hanging to finishing, we provide top quality drywall services to fit any budget. We specialize in drywall repairs & finishes and ceiling & wall texturing. Premier House Painters provides a range of textures from smooth to choosing the perfect texture to match an existing texture. We also repair cracks, nail holes, chips and any other damage to the drywall in your space.

Benefits of Drywall Texture

There are numerous benefits to applying texture to your interior walls. Texture doesn’t just hide any scratches or imperfections or protect the walls from damage; Adding texture can also dramatically transform the overall look and feel of an interior space. There are many different textures available so you can get the perfect look in your home or place of business. Our drywall and texture services go great with new interior paint, if you are considering these services, you should also consider our interior painting service!

Enhancing a Room with Drywall Texturing

Drywall texturing is typically done on ceilings or interior walls. Because ceilings are often the most exposed portion of a room, they are usually the ones that receive more drywall texturing first. Proper texturing of the ceiling can effortlessly cover up any taping issues that that could potentially become more noticeable with light reflection. The most common form of ceiling texturing is known as “knockdown” texturing. Knockdown Texture is a common drywall finishing style with a mottled texture, a little more intense than a simple flat finish, but slightly less intense than an orange peel texture, or popcorn texture.